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Condor Single Rifle Case

Being an active-duty infantry veteran I know the difference between practical-tactical and tacti-cool junk (and there is A LOT of the latter). The MOLLE on the pouches is legit MIL-SPEC. The zippers are the right size and not like some that use small sleeping bag size zippers. The padding is firm just like the bags used for our M14 squad-marksman rifles. The OD green color I got is just that and not hunter green. The plastic quick-release buckles are solid instead of “soft” or flimsy. The only thing missing on the inside is an attached tubular pad to protect the muzzle, but that’s not a deal-breaker for me.

Another plus is the size offerings. Mine is for a deer rifle not an AR15 so the 43″ offering is perfect. The outer pockets are perfectly proportioned. The larger one is perfect for my mid-size binos and the other two are perfect for boxes of shells. Each of the smaller pouches has a thin sleeve on the inside to keep rounds and other misc. gear separate.

I highly recommend this item as a range bag and the price makes it an outstanding value.